I've had a long-standing interest in how the human body works...

...as well as how to translate this knowledge into helping others. I started to take this passion seriously with my undergraduate study in pre-medicine, followed by a year of medical school. I quickly realized that I wanted to pursue a more holistic approach to health and wellness, and studied to become a massage therapist in 2010. This was the exciting start to my exploration of bodywork and movement. 

I then stumbled upon Restorative Exercise in 2012. (I honestly don't remember how I found out about it, but I'm so glad I did!) After a few of years of self-directed study and practice, I was thrilled to complete the certification course and become a Nutritious Movement™-certified Restorative Exercise Specialist in early 2015.

Throughout this journey, my quality of life has significantly increased. The frequent migraines, low back pain, and tailbone pain that used to bother me constantly are almost completely gone. I also feel more energized and inspired to move on a regular basis, and delight in moving in novel and fun ways.

As I continue to learn more about how the human body works & moves, I discover even more tools to heal myself. I’m excited to share these with you so that you can also take your health and wellbeing into your own hands.

Licensing & Certification

Nutritious Movement™-certified Restorative Exercise instructor
Nutritious Movement™-certifed Healthy Foot Practitioner
Licensed Massage Therapist (#MA60187285) with Intraoral Massage Endorsement

What my clients have to say...

I’ve been a fan of Katy Bowman’s Restorative Exercise for a while, and am happy there’s a Restorative Exercise Specialist in Seattle. I’ve been doing many of the exercises on my own, but having Shannon cue me and watch my alignment as I go through them has been extremely helpful. Her feedback was valuable, and I had a few ah-ha moments that helped me make connections in my body. I’ll keep going back to check in from time to time. I recommend Shannon and have sent a few of my clients (Chi Running and Chi Walking) to her as well.
— Laura H.
Shannon really knows her stuff and her passion for posture and body alignment is obvious. I was having some pain and clicking in my knees. After working with Shannon and identifying my trouble spots and some exercises to correct the problems, I’m happy to report that the pain stops when I focus on alignment she taught me. Awesome.
— Christine F.
Finding Shannon has given me hope for an active future as a senior. She is a thoughtful practitioner of Restorative Exercise and helps translate Katy Bowman’s work to my body. By doing daily exercises I have been able to stretch my calves and feet, so I have very little pain now from walking and standing. I hope to learn to squat and increase my long range walking in the next year with her help.
— Leslie N.
The Restorative Exercise work was subtle and nuanced, which gave me a new awareness in my body. Shannon was supportive and able to meet my body where it was at.
— Laura H.
I found Shannon after visiting Katy Bowman’s website and was very excited to work with a local RES that could help with my lower back issues. Shannon did a wonderful job explaining alignment and simple exercies to start getting my body back on track. I’m excited to try out my new exercies and see her again. I highly recommend Shannon!
— Cara B.
I found Shannon and Purna Wellness shortly after I gave birth to my daughter and discovered I had suffered diastasis recti (the separation of the vertical abdominal muscles). My OB didn’t offer me any help, and I had been desperately searching for someone who cared about my condition and could help me heal so that I could properly take care of my baby. Shannon worked with me in sessions both on ways to alleviate my immediate discomfort and on techniques to change my alignment and daily activities so that my healing would progress through habit. After my first session with her, I honestly noticed a difference right away when I used the alignment strategies she suggested. In subsequent sessions, she continued to work with me on my alignment and helped me strengthen as I started to heal. I’m happy to say that I can finally go back to regular exercise, and I feel confident carrying and playing with my daughter. Shannon is also a great person who listened to my concerns and was always open to questions. She even accommodated me by offering to have a session over Skype when I was away from Seattle. Go see her! You’ll feel better. :)
— Sarah
What I most appreciated about my first appointment with Shannon is that we did more practice than talking. Shannon is a clear and patient teacher
— Kristen A.