Online Restorative Exercise classes:

Nutritious Movement Virtual Class Membership - Restorative Exercise classes recorded at the Nutritious Movement Center.

Total Alignment Reset - Do you love your yoga practice but aren't sure how to incorporate the Restorative Exercise alignment points? Here are some fun, flowing, yoga/RE classes taught by an experienced RES and yoga instructor!

Alignment Snacks - Restorative Exercise classes taught by Nutritious Movement™ founder Katy Bowman. They're great motivation to keep moving between in-person sessions.

Wellness blogs, podcasts, & other cool stuff:

Katy Says - Written by biomechanist & Nutritious Movement™ founder Katy Bowman. This blog is what first inspired me to become a Restorative Exercise Specialist!

Katy Says Podcast - A highly entertaining and informative podcast with Katy and Restorative Exercise Specialist Dani Hemmat.

Liberated Body Podcast - Insightful interviews with various health & movement specialists.

Bliss & Grit podcast - Co-created by the host of Liberated Body and her good friend, they discuss a wide range of spiritually-inspired topics. This is my new favorite podcast and is most definitely worth a listen (warning, it's addicting!)

Jules Mitchell Yoga - A blog by an exercise scientist and yoga instructor who specializes in the science of stretching.

Better Movement Blog - Written by a Rolfer & Feldenkrais practitioner with an interest in reducing pain through better movement. - This website has some fascinating information on the tissue that surrounds & permeates every structure in the body.

Time Out - A free, customizable app that encourages you to take a break from your computer by fading out the screen at set intervals.

meditation resources:

Dharma Ocean - Somatic meditation, which combines embodiment and spirituality (how can you beat that?!?). This website offers a generous number of free meditations and instruction.

Audio Dharma - An excellent resource for insight meditation instruction and dharma talks.