Nutritious Movement, Pokemon-Style

Even though I’m currently in the middle of my month-long social media vacation (which has been awesome by the way - keep an eye out for a blog post next month!), I’ve still managed to hear about this crazy phenomenon called Pokemon Go. Just in case this doesn’t ring a bell for you, it’s a game where you go around collecting cute little creatures called Pokemon. There are lots of different types with various properties, and you can tend to them till they get stronger, then have them do battle with other Pokemon. The twist is that, with the help of smartphone technology, you actually have to go outside and walk around to play the game!

At first I was skeptical, but with millions (!!!) of people already playing the game just a couple of weeks after it’s release, I figured I had to at least check out this thing that is getting people outside and moving around. And I’m actually pretty impressed for several different reasons.

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