Move More, Travel Happy

I have a love-hate relationship with traveling. I love getting out of my comfort zone a bit, exploring new places, and meeting new people. However, I’m not such a fan of the actual getting from Point A to Point B. I’m also a homebody and very much appreciate having a familiar “home base”. Luckily, I’ve found a few tricks that help make traveling a little less taxing on my system!

My makeshift bed-between-beds, made from extra comforters. 

My makeshift bed-between-beds, made from extra comforters. 

The first is to bring my movement-friendly lifestyle with me as much as possible. One quick and easy trick is investing in an inflatable Squatty Potty. Travel is tough on the digestive system at the best of times, and this is a great way to give your innards a bit of a break. Sure, propping up your feet with overturned waste baskets or a stack of books works in a pinch, but a Squatty Potty is MUCH me on this!

Also, over the last few years I’ve transitioned to sleeping on very firm surfaces, as well as sleeping without pillows. This definitely takes a little more dedication but is well worth it both for travel and overall health. I used to dread hotel beds and pillows, but now I’m able to sleep comfortably pretty much anywhere I stay. Most times I’ll end up sleeping on an inflatable camp pad that I always bring with me, but I actually prefer to make a bed on the floor when there are extra blankets and comforters available. 

Squatting and shoulder stretching without even leaving my seat.

Squatting and shoulder stretching without even leaving my seat.

Move on a plane? Really!

One thing I’ve come to realize is that you need surprisingly little space to move. When flying, I always get an aisle seat. And when my husband and I are flying together, we get adjacent aisle seats and take turns using the standing space in between. Sure, the view from the window seat is nice, but being able to move around whenever you want is even nicer!

I’m in my seat only when the seatbelt sign is on or flight attendants or other passengers need to move by. The rest of the time I’m up and about, or constantly changing positions in my seat. The aisle provides just enough room for some stretching. (Just be mindful of your fellow passengers!) Throw in a little turbulence for a balance bonus!

Damage control

No matter how many Squatty Potties and floor beds you have, traveling is still hard on the body. Airplanes, cars, and other modes of transportation just were not designed with good alignment in mind. Because of this, I also make sure I’m able to do some damage control. I never travel without a set of Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls. Also, rolled up towels make a great makeshift half foam roller if you’re tight on space and don’t want to bring along the real deal. These two items are invaluable for increasing movement and decreasing tension throughout the body.

Check out the video below for some super-juicy Restorative Exercises and YTU ball techniques that will help undo some of the upper back and shoulder tension that seems inevitable when traveling.

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