Why I Stopped Outsourcing My Movement to a Broom

I’ve been thinking and writing a lot lately about how to get more movement into my day-to-day life. One of the easiest ways to do this is to stop outsourcing our movement to tools and gadgets.

What does outsourcing movement mean? It’s a big part of the Nutritious Movement™ paradigm, and the idea is that we've created all sorts of gadgets (everything from cars and other big machines to little household devices) to do the majority of our everyday work for us. Going even further with this concept, we've also outsourced our movement to other people (farmers, manufacturers, etc), sometimes with less-than-desirable consequences for the people hired to do these jobs. But that's a topic for another blog post.

The upside (for us) is that we have more time to do other stuff, like work and hobbies. However, it also means that we hardly get to move at all anymore, which is extremely detrimental to our health.

One thing I’ve been playing around with lately is using something other than a long-handled broom to sweep the house. I have two cats and three litter boxes, and the main living area of my house is dinky (about 800 square feet), with hardwood floors. That means cat litter gets EVERYWHERE. So to keep the mess under control, I usually sweep the room with the litter boxes once or twice a day. Check out the video above to see how I've stopped using one mundane tool - the broom - in order to get more movement into my daily routine.

As crazy as this idea sounds, I now get in tons of squatting, lunging, crawling, and reaching a couple of times a day - much more convenient and useful, in my opinion, than carving out time to go the gym!