Hang Time

My yoga teacher's teacher used to say that you can't be depressed if your armpits are open. Whether or not this is true, hanging is awesome for your health and so much fun! Here's a 30-day challenge that will encourage you to introduce some hanging into your life.

Another great way to start getting the same loads that you would from traditional hanging, but with less risk if it’s been a little while since you last hung (decades, maybe?), is to find a pole, door jamb, or something else to hold on to, then lean away from it. This is a relatively gentle way to load the joints and tissues of the hands, arms, and shoulders, and is excellent for increasing the strength-to-weight ratio, circulation, and bone density in these areas. The closer your feet are to the thing you’re holding onto, the more challenging it will be. To get a different load, try moving your hand higher or lower. (And even better if you can find a cute kitten to keep an eye on your form.)

Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

Caution - If you don't remember the last time you hung (or if you do remember because it resulted in an unforgettable injury), be sure to listen to your body and go slowly! Consider starting with the feet on the ground to support as much body weight as needed. Also, I'd recommend holding off on the dynamic hanging (aka swinging) until you've been comfortably hanging for a while.